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Shape FX creation plug-in and warp plug-in for Illustrator A powerful shape design plug-in for millions of great shape designs
Size: 348 KB
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design Window Shape warp cursor shape display donut shape  
42 Always-Connected Plug (AC-Plug) sends periodic signals for internet connection
Size: 364.26K
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periodic change periodic Periodic potential sends  
Expressionist plug-in - Plug-in Expressionist plug-in is a precision tool for
Size: 1000 KB
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PLUG Gages selection made easy.
Size: 51 KB
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calculator calculate selection selection lenght  
Crescendo Plug-in Quite simply, it is a Plug-in for Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator browsers that lets you listen to background music as you browse a Web site.
Size: 1,000K
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PaceMaker Plug In PaceMaker Plug-In A plug-in module for WinAmp player that controls how the music sound as it s playing
Size: 369 KB
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plug-in Checkstyle Plug-in plug in Moodle Plug-in  

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Aml2CHM Plugin for creation of HTML Help files (chm) from Aml Pages documents
Size: 573 KB
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plug-in Aml Pages plug-in create help file Aml to CHM  
Eclipse Checkstyle Plug-in A plug-in that integrates the well-known source code analyzer Checkstyle into Eclipse.
Size: 9.8 MB
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plugin plug-in analyzer Eclipse plugin Checkstyle Plug-in  
HTML Scripting Pages HTML Scripting Pages is a client side, ASP compatible plugin webserver for IE.
Size: 2.44MB
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plug-in script HTML Scripting Pages program writer  
HD Photo Plug-in A file format plug-in to enable Adobe Photoshop software to open and save HD Photo files
Size: 790 KB
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plug-in Adobe Photoshop Plug-in Pixel Format HD Photo File  
NewBlue Art Blends Shift your images through unique, stunning graphics filters , captivate your viewers and communicate your vision with ease.
Size: 3.1 MB
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plug-in edit image transform Video Effect image effect  
NewBlue Motion Blends 112 transitions in 10 specialized video effects that twist can turn and transmogrify your video from one scene to the next.
Size: 2.8 MB
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plug-in effect transform Video Effect graphic  

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Andrew's Vector Plug-ins Collection for Illustrator Andrew's Vector plug-ins Collection for Illustrator will provide users with a superb plug-in set for Adobe Illustrator.It provides users with millions of great illustration plug-in tools and time save...
Size: 0 KB
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collection vector illustrator  
Helium Music Manager Plug-in SDK The Helium Music Manager plug-in SDK package provides PDF documentation containing an overview of the API, code snippets and best practices. The package also includes full source code for the followin...
Size: 282 KB
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plug-in development SDK PDF API Software Development Kit  
Random touch plug-ins for Illustrator Random touch plug-ins for Illustrator will provide users with random designs, particles & sprays for Adobe Illustrator. Includes background texture plug-in + spray particle plug-in + pyramid plug-in +...
Size: 823 KB
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design touch random Illustrator plugin animate particles  
RealWorld SDK who would like to create a plug-in for any of the RealWorld applications. Plug-ins can be created in any language supporting COM. RealWorld plug-ins are COM objects implementing given interface and be...
Size: 814 KB
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plug-in Create SDK COM Object create plug-in  
Notepad++ Plugin Manager Notepad++ Plug-in Manager is an application to manage plug-ins. This project hosts the plug-in list for Notepad++ Plug-in Manager. Code for the plug-in manager is also included.
Size: 490.91K
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Peter's Ultimate Alarm Clock Program Manager Plug-in The Peter's Ultimate Alarm Clock Program Manager plug-in contains action to start and end a program. The first plug-in lets you execute a program using any arguments. (This is also possible without th...
Size: 350 KB
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plug-in Alarm Clock Alarm launch launch program